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Catalan writing

This community is mainly dedicated to the discovery and promotion of any writers and writing in the Catalan language (in all of its different forms: Valencian, Balearic, French Catalan and Alguerese) - old or new, famous or not. In addition to the many published works that exist, there are a lot of interesting poems, short stories, essays and even novels which only exist in cyberspace. Here we will try to give all of this writing yet another way of being spread around and shared as much as possible.

This community is also open to all those members who make their own discoveries and want to share them with us. It would be great if anyone is willing and able to translate some of those works into English, as well. We will keep any writing in the original Catalan in a 'memories' file, created especially for this purpose. We will also set up a 'memories' file for any translations to English, of published works of Catalan literature. We are particularly keen to see translations of the classics. On this note, we are open to interpretations of 'classic' but try to think of works that you would like to see made known to the world. Whichever you choose, it would be nice if you can post the original version as well and, if possible, a link to the original page if it's a text you found on the internet (though obviously, this is difficult if you translate out of a book you actually own!)

To make this community a pleasant place for everybody who wants to join it, we ask that you observe a few rules:

1) The main languages in this community will be English and Catalan. However, we are open to posts in other languages, if it's absolutely necessary. Nobody will be banned or excluded for that. We hope all members in this community will be as helpful as possible to any non-native English or Catalan speakers, who want to join us and ask us for help.

2) Please, be polite in your comments. Serious insults and verbal abuse are totally forbidden here. Any comment containing that kind of abuse will be banned as soon as it is discovered or reported. Don't make harsh mockery of the possibly clumsy English or Catalan those non-native speakers might use (the maintainer of this community, for example, is not a native English speaker and may make errors from time to time). Anyway, we are open to having fun between ourselves about this matter: being kind doesn't mean we can't have a laugh together. We think that having a sense of humour is a sign of a healthy mind. ;)

3) This community hasn’t been created to resolve linguistic questions. We ask that you don't make posts about this subject, here. If you have a linguistic question, feel free to drop in to catalan, where everyone is very helpful in this regard. Anyway, once a conversation starts on a topic, everyone is welcome to discuss the linguistic aspects of the texts as well, of course.

4) This community hasn't been created for political discussions, either. The subject is Catalan literature (of any kind) and you can post anything about your favourite (or most hated :D) Catalan writer, book, genre etc, from any era, whether from a dusty old volume on your bookshelf or from a website you recently found. As with the matter of linguistics, we are not trying to ban any discussion of politics - it exists in literature just as any othe topic does. Furthermore, if there is an author whose work is based around his or her political attitude/beliefs, not only can we not avoid the question, we must even focus on it. However, we ask (as with the linguistics) that you do not actually make political posts and that you restrict political discussion to its relevance to the texts at hand.

All of that said, we hope you enjoy this community. We have some ideas for the future but we are also open to any suggestions.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Have a good day!
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